Want to join our team?

Welcome from the Staff of Gorean Compass Radio!

Though we are a spanking brand new radio station, the leather of our chairs still have that fresh scent, and the paint is still tacky, the experience our team brings to the airwaves is seasoned. Our core cast of broadcasters have over 15 years of radio experience, hosted HUGE shows on various venues over the years, and we are all committed to raising the bar of Gorean broadcasting!

Perhaps you have previous broadcaster experience, or you are an event planning wizard? Do you have skill sets in graphics, video, website development? Do you love feeling like you have skin in the game, and are making a contribution working on a team? Then we WANT you! Our station is looking from all types of talent, and do not require that you fit into one time-zone slot. We need/want people, from all nationalities, countries and time zones!

Now if you join us please be aware that we cannot pay you a salary. We do not want the station to consume your every waking hour either. We want you to have fun, in fact we insist upon it! We only ask that if you make a commitment and real life intervenes (as it often does) just let us know so we can get someone to cover your shift or task.

Come on you know you want to join us! Fill out the form and become part of the GCR family!