Being a “Pathfinder” does not tie you down to one radio station. Do we want you to listen to us often? Of course we do! But we won’t demand it. However, we are going to provide for you a large variety of music, LOTS of live broadcasting and various music genres. You are not going to want to turn that dial!

Below are our “Pathfinders”. Interested in adding you sim to the Pathfiner list? Click on “Join our growing group of “Pathfinders“.

Caer Cadarn

Caer Cadarn

Gor, BTB Gor, Gorean Village, Gorean Slave House, The House of Runo, The Black Tarn Tavern & Inn, Gorean Philosophy, Gorean Library, Gorean Classes, RP, Slave Training, Master/slave, D/s, M/s, BDSM, Sex, Fetish, Adult, Raid

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Delta Coast

Delta Coast

Village of Caer Cadarn, Caer Cadarn Market Rich farmlands off the delta. Sapphyre Winery. Black Market Trade. Authentic Gorean Roleplay, BTB, Gorean, G&S Farming. G&S Wine, Ka-la-na, HoR Ka-La-Na, Sapphyre Winery, Greenfield Brewery

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Delta Dreams

Delta Dreams

Extension of Caer Cadarn. Come enjoy the beauty of the land, rich waterfalls, and places to relax.

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House of Sjostrom

House of Sjorstrom

The House of Sjöström is a Gorean gathering place nestled among tall rocks and gentle water, a place to forget politics, forget disagreements, forget stresses and just, finally, relax in peace. Meters are not required, though Gorean respect and protocols are.

Lots of fun diversions are available on the island, including Zar and Kaissa, fishing and a vulo hunt! At the Salty Slut Tavern grab a drink compliments of the Sjöström House Winery and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh! Or if you want a quieter spot, come enjoy the bathhouse, hot and steamy to wash away cares!

Explore all the House has to offer, lots of hidden and not so hidden spots scattered all over the island to discover!

Our House is your House

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Pyramid – Stonecutters Cove

Pyriamid - Stonecutters Cove

The Homestead of Master Eldin Stonecutter and his kajira Fliss Fairport – Come explore and find all the hidden places and toys!

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Cyprus – Solitaire Island


Home of Aphrodite, trading post between worlds and times, where every being is welcome. Gardens, hangouts, some spots for private time, enjoy and respect the others and the goddess will bless you. Market with G&S and Papillon .

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Best Deals Market

Best Deals Market was EST 2012 here in SecondLife, We have many renters that sell G&S & DFS farming system products,we also have breedable systems on the market as well we have ad-boards around the market has well.

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It has different public GOR/BDSM play areas and the house in the middle has space for events like dancing, etc also have the word game to play along…

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Northern Lights Bay

Gorean role play, medieval, sci fi, fantasy, combat meter, capture, RLV, sex, BDSM, rape, forced collar, submission, D/S, master, mistress, kajira, thrall, raid, rescue, panthers. Home of the Nameless Bandits.

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City of Ven

Gorean land BTB, a school city focused on the formation of Free Person and kajiri, in the activities of events in the Gorean calendar and we are also a G & S / DFS market with stall for rental.

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Blackwater Mercs

Crimson Cove was made and named after Chrissie Crimson who sadly passed away in rl. She was the owner of Black Pearl Mercenaries …one of the oldest and longest running GE group.
We are a group that consist of individuals who enjoy roleplay as well as fighting. With that being said we have a lot of similar expectations and ideas of what we enjoy in a group setting as well within the Gorean Standard.We treat each other with respect, having a good time and are a family of sorts so to speak.


Currently Recruiting!
Located on the Vosk River, Jasmine is set besides a rich green forest over look by mountains and an a active volcano. The spirit of the books is our guiding principle. Gorean Roleplay BTB, 100% mesh build, Gor Combat Hud, castle, active volcano, Tharl & Kailla track.

We accept all who wish to live in accordance with the spirit of the novels Gor, as well as and especially those wishing to learn. All castes and professions are welcome within the great city of Jasmine. Roleplay is our focus, combat is an extension of this and are welcome as well as lifestylers. Jasmine’s birth date 20/03/21


The village is located somewhere very close to the Torvaldsberg, on the coast, hence in Torvaldsland. The village was abandoned and in disrepair and needs villagers to come and build your story with us. We are a BTB sim of experienced BTB players and possibly semi to para roleplayers. We have a Torvie forest (NOT THE NORTHERN FOREST) with living facilities. Find your way there. There might be or might not be animals roaming, not all of which dangerous. We are strict BTB and old school, there are dress codes for Free and bonds alike and they will be enforced